About Us


Patapsco United Methodist Church

Established in 1884, the Patapsco United Methodist Church has been serving the Patapsco community for over 135 years. We invite you to visit us for Sunday worship led by Pastor Barbara Allen at 10:30am. 

Moon Rise over Patapsco UMC - Photo courtesy of Mardee Hale Curtis.

Patapsco UMW In Our Community

For several decades the Patapsco United Methodist Women have been visiting the Springfield Hospital Center in Sykesville, MD once a month to serve seasonal snacks and beverages as well as to share fellowship with the patients. This mission began over fifty years ago as some church members that worked at Springfield felt the need to organize a volunteer effort for monthly visits with a select group of patients and brought them homemade fudge, cookies, peanut butter and cream cheese cracker sandwiches, and other seasonal snacks along with iced tea and lemonade or hot chocolate in the winter months. They also enjoy two special visits in which they help serve the patients a picnic lunch in the summer and provide ice cream sundaes in December as part of their Christmas party. This mission has been passed down through several generations of Patapsco UMW over the years, and it would not be possible without the continued donations of supplies from church members as well as new members willing to volunteer their time and efforts to help at the monthly visits which are often on the first Monday of each month. Please look through the list of the most common supply needs below if you wish to donate any items and contact Sherry Devore or Mary Bowersox if you wish to volunteer for one of the upcoming monthly visits.     


Continuing Missions

In November members are asked to bring donations for the NESAP Food Pantry with continuing support and donations to the Thrift Shop and Food Pantry throughout the coming year.    Patapsco UM Women will continue to visit Springfield Hospital Center once a month to serve treats and share fellowship with the patients. Along with the donations needed to support the monthly visits, clothing and toiletries are also encouraged.   We will continue to provide donations to Sandymount Elementary School. They are always in need of folders and spiral notebooks as well as items for their food pantry and snacks. Food Pantry: Mac and Cheese - Pasta & Spaghetti Sauce - Cereal Snack Pack Size Snacks: Gold Fish - Pretzels - Animal Crackers - Cheese Nips - Snack Crackers  (NO NUTS & NO PEANUT SNACKS)